A Leadership Brand Consulting firm for Corporate, Social and Political Leaders.

Who We Are?

Persona is a leadership brand strategy firm that endeavours to create or augment a new breed of leadership brands which can leverage the power of disruptive thinking to become game changers and impact makers.


Fight your recognition battle

Persona’s BrandNext™ module helps brand aspirants identify horizontal triggers that can distinguish them from the competition and give them a visible edge, thereby contributing towards accomplishing the required recognition.


Fight your reputation battle

Persona’s LeadNext™ module helps well established individuals and organisations build a right image, manage their desired reputation and position themselves as a distinctive leader of choice, by disruptive horizontal means.


Fight your sustainability battle

Persona’s LeapNext™ module helps reposition leaders as multidimensional and multi directional game changers and breakthrough specialists who can leap to unmatched, unrivaled quantum growth as opposed to singular bottom- up vertical leaders.

Why We Matter?

Increasingly, we see the world being impacted by disruptive forces that challenge the conventional leadership framework, ushering in an unconventional and inevitable demand for leaders who are multi-directional and dimensional.

Strategic Leadership through Personal Branding

As an individual, when it comes to achieving professional success, you are your own secret weapon. You have something that others don’t have, that is YOU. Persona’s Personal Branding advisory service focuses on diagnosing and articulating what it is that is unique to you that set you apart from the rest.

Strategic Leadership through Corporate Branding

In today’s competitive crowded world market, it’s the well positioned brands that Stands Out! For it’s your difference that sets you apart and not your similarity. Persona’s Corporate Leadership Branding services is aimed at perception building for aspiring leadership brands and those who have established themselves as brands but are still fighting the perception and positioning battle.

Strategic Leadership through Social Branding

Changing the world takes a strategy and our social and political strategy and branding service is aimed at creating a real and lasting change in the world. We use our expertise to contribute to a healthier society and elected leaders who will drive our society forward. From political strategy to creative storytelling and design to sophisticated campaign development, we bring our diverse skills and experiences to bear on societal problems both big and small.

The Persona Way in 5 Steps

 ‘The Persona Way’ is a distinctive framework that charts the journey of a horizontal leader from recognition and reputation to revenue. 


Define your dreams and goals

Identify Yourself

Identify your strengths and chart what you do best.

Choose Persona

Narrow it down to what you want to be known for.

Get Branded

Create an identity for yourself and craft your brand’s message.

Stand Apart

Position your brand in the marketplace.

Hear to what our founder Mr. Jhon Arokiasamy has to say!

Founder Bytes

Do not be pushed to the corner nor at the centre. To win as a Leader, Maneuver in all directions and create space for battle. Focus and strike at your polarity to gain majority.

At Persona Leaders, we help realize your recognition, reputation and revenue potential and position you as a horizontal leader in your category as opposed to a conventional vertical leader.

Persona is the only company that animates the power of strategy, coaching and branding to create intrinsic recognition value through integrated communication.

If you have an idea or are a brand willing to explore disruptive ways of thinking , wanting to be innovative and are looking for leadership brand position, we will help you scale up your ideas and efforts to galvanise your audience in meaningful ways that can impact your brand salience and business outcome!

Let’s work together!