The traditional belief that leaders are born and that they conquer, command and control; limits the very power of leadership to a select few.

Persona’s disruptive interventional horizontal leadership development module helps school children, college students, and employees diagnose their individuality, and unleash an unconventional potential for leadership acceptance and recognition. These programs will ensure students and employees feel their multi- dimensional worth for all round excellence enhancing employability in particular.

School Connect Program

University Connect Program

Corporate Connect Program

Rachel O'Connor

Knowledge Partner

Rachel is an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and a Coach with a special focus on resilience and wellbeing. She owns ‘Wise Self Wellbeing’ in the UK- A consultancy dedicated to enabling leaders adopt new thinking styles and behaviour patterns to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing and performance.

Do Not be pushed to the corner nor at the centre.
To win as a Leader, Maneuver in all directions and create space for battle.
Focus and strike at your polarity to gain majority.

| Jhon Arokiasamy |





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