'The Persona Way' is a distinctive framework that charts the journey of a horizontal leader from recognition and reputation to revenue.


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Fight your recognition battle

In a marketplace which is cluttered and chaotic, those aspiring to become leaders should create distinctive identity with differentiated presence that will set them apart from the rest.

Persona’s BrandNext™ module helps brand aspirants identify horizontal triggers that can distinguish them from the competition and give them a visible edge, thereby contributing towards accomplishing the required recognition.

Individuals who want to position themselves as personal brands, entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as professional brands and SME’s who want to position themselves as business brands will benefit in their journey towards growth on par with their vertical peers by adopting Persona’s BrandNext™ module that include a horizontal leadership strategy diagnosis, brand identity creation, consulting and implementation of both traditional and digital marketing & communication initiatives.


Fight your reputation battle

People and organisations cannot remain to be the same. The need to lead innovation and drive change, defines the evolution of a leader with an uncompromised ability to reach the unreached. Be it personal or organisational, reputation does not merely come with transformation. Rather it reflects in the character of an individual or the way an organisation conducts itself in responsibility to its stakeholders. Largely, it lies in the art of managing risk both current and future.

Persona’s LeadNext™ module helps well established individuals and organisations build a right image, manage their desired reputation and position themselves as a distinctive leader of choice, by disruptive horizontal means.

One can reinvent recognition value and retain reputation by adopting Persona’s LeadNext™ module which includes a combination of horizontal leadership strategy diagnosis, leadership and communication coaching, brand reputation management through traditional and digital marketing and stakeholder outreach.


Fight your sustainability battle

Large players, who have achieved category leadership either by traditional vertical means or contemporary horizontal means, face a competitive threat to sustain their power of balance and stakeholder value as leaders. Such leaders also own the pressure of creating sustainable professional or business impact.

Persona’s LeapNext™ module helps reposition leaders as multidimensional and multi directional game changers and breakthrough specialists who can leap to unmatched, unrivaled quantum growth as opposed to singular bottom- up vertical leaders.

As stalwarts and stellar brands, retaining the power of a sustainable leadership amidst stiff competition from several others is a warfare mission. Persona’s LeapNext™ module helps treasure the charisma and stature through a horizontal leadership strategy diagnosis coupled with modern guerilla conventional and digital marketing sustainability strategies.

Do Not be pushed to the corner nor at the centre.
To win as a Leader, Maneuver in all directions and create space for battle.
Focus and strike at your polarity to gain majority.

| Jhon Arokiasamy |





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